'I Help You Look & Feel Better'



Warren worked on my back over 2 1.5 hr sessions and the pain has completely gone. Can't recommend him enough. A thoughtful, professional, and ultimately relaxing service with results.

Carrie Stanley. 

A fantastic friendly service. Great job done. I'm very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend.

Graham Fuller. 

Amazing results from my spinal manipulation. Pain free at last. Thank you so very much.

Zoe Davis. 

Being someone in their 50s, exercise brings with it different problems and over the past year, Warren has worked on my knee, back and shoulder, all of which he has done a brilliant job and made them pain free. He is total professional, with a very friendly, pleasant, and fun manner. I cannot recommend him enough.

Col Maw

Warren really knows his stuff, listens, and works on the things that matter. His exercises really helped me at a time when I was struggling not only with fitness but muscle problems. I came back to Warren time and time again for his expertise and his friendly approach. 

Stephen Kunzer

Warren is a miracle worker who took a fat, tired and well out of shape marketing man and made him healthy, fitter and slightly better shaped. I can heartily endorse Warren for his workout know how. 

Paul Walton

Dedicated to fitness health and wellbeing, Warren certainly knows his profession well. He will profile your programme to meet the specific goals you have, be it getting fit for a marathon, a 5k fun run, recovering from injury or just getting into shape for the beach. Warren helped me following a skiing accident and also prepare for a 10k run, my goal was to beat my previous time: I did just that reducing my time by some 17 minutes. 

Arlene Nicholason

Thank you, Warren, for sorting out all of my aches and pains. My back is 100% working again. You are a miracle worker.


Warren is a friendly and enthusiastic coach who shows consistent commitment to always furthering his own knowledge and a love of a healthy and active lifestyle, and his personal fitness levels are testament to that.

Graham Innocent

Warren is the best personal trainer I have come across and even willing to go barefoot running with me! Over and above the Call of duty I thought but much appreciated . 

Graham Harding

I highly recommend Warren for treatments and personal training especially for horse riders. Warren has a thorough understanding of what the rider needs for each discipline and tailors the programme to suit the individual. 

Sarah Allen

I was recently chatting to the owner of my gym about a new pain in my back/pelvic area, she said Warren is the expert in narrowing down the exact muscles involved, luckily Warren was at the gym.  Within 10 minutes Warren had identified the Quadratus Lumborum & the piriformis and got me doing 2 tiny moves & to my shock the pain that had been there for weeks despite manipulations disappeared. Given his level of knowledge I asked for sessions because all the core strengthening, I've been doing was not working. despite the current virus Warren is able to work online so we continue to tweak what I'm doing daily at home. He is also unique in that his mission is make sure we get better. Other Trainers and Practitioners treat you and you don't hear from them. So, he goes the extra mile. 

Susan Law

Im very arthritic, have had lots of problems walking probably due to having three hip operations. So, Warren has helped me get back to feeling normal again. I can go for brisk walks, don't feel sluggish or even couch potato like anymore. For all of this I am incredibly grateful. He is a true professional and good at what he does. 

Judith Elliot-Morris