'I Help You Look & Feel Better'

Diet and Lifestyle Coaching


Learn how to

  • Optimise your sleep, nutrition, digestion, breathing, exercise and thinking for better health 
  • Eat in accordance with your own unique physiology
  • Cultivate energy and life force
  • Address and overcome problems and roadblocks
  • Establish your core values
  • Identify, manage, and reduce the stressors in your life



The holistic coaching experience begins with a detailed assessment.  Several questionaries and forms are completed along with a postural and movement analysis, which can be done either online or in person. The purpose of this in-depth assessment is to gather as much information as possible to help identify physiological stressors and where you may be compromising your own health and wellbeing. Holistic means looking at every aspect of someone’s life. I work with you on improving health through diet and lifestyle changes using an integrative approach, which includes looking at and addressing the physical, social, cognitive, behavioural, and spiritual aspects of your life 

Holistic coaching means working with the whole person. Health is more than just the absence of disease, health is about how we move, feel and function in the world. Holistic health coaching is not a quick fix program but seeks to build a solid foundation of health, vitality, longevity, and disease prevention.

    I will identify your unique nutritional needs using the Primal Pattern diet system and devise a diet plan that right for you. Together we will identify beliefs and subconscious thought patterns that are holding you back and work on establishing a set of core values that enable you to live the life you desire. This involves more than just me telling you what to do, together we identify your "dream team", who will support you on your journey. We will prioritise and focus on the areas that need addressing the most to begin with to achieve meaningful results.


    Meet the 4 Doctors, a system for achieving long lasting health and vitality. The 4 Doctors are our own internal healing abilities and the best natural resource we must manage for our own health. They tell us what we need to do to eliminate health challenges and get back to the basics of being human. By reconnecting with the four internal doctors, you will have much less need for a doctor in a white coat. 

      Dt Diet

      • Dr Diet, not on a diet. Rather than restricting what we eat Dr Diet teaches us how to increase the nutrients we consume
      • How to make the right food choices for your individual needs
      • The importance of food quality
      • How to rid yourself of compulsive eating habits and install good new ones
      • Improve digestion to maximise nutrient absorption from food

      Dr Happy

      • If you're not happy about something you're not going to be functioning at your best, unhappiness can lead to coping strategies such as comfort eating or other self-destructive behaviours.
      • Working towards clear measurable goals
      • Managing mental and emotional stress
      • Cultivate understanding and prioritising what creates happiness for you
      • Living with purpose and meaning

      Dr Quiet

      • Improve the quality of your sleep
      • How to offset the stress of modern life through optimal rest and recovery
      • How to boost energy levels
      • The importance of setting aside time for introspection

      Dr Movement

      • Use movement to bring balance to mind and body
      • How to use the right type of exercise and movement to get you towards your goals
      • The essentials of breathing
      • The movements and rhythms of your body such as sleep and digestion
      • Why creativity is important
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