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Infant development

Infant development

28 Apr 2021

How we use Infant Development as the key to unlocking pain and dysfunction.

Infant development is the process all humans go through as necessitated by nature

Disruption or distortion of any stage of infant development will lead to pain and dysfunction in adult life

A disruption at any stage of the natural development of an infant will most likely result in deficits in posture, movement, awareness as well as poor function of hormones, organs and glands and mental-emotional imbalances

Using a sophisticated assessment system we can accurately identify deficiencies in infant development and implement appropriate corrective exercise protocols

I’m constantly blown away by the sophistication and subtlety of this system, for example it is possible with a good degree of accuracy to tell whether someone was bottle fed or breastfed as a baby

Infant development is a part of an elaborate and comprehensive assessment and exercise system used by CHEK practitioners the world over to help people get out of pain, improve performance and unlock athletic potential

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